TEDx Whitehall Women 2017

 In General

I care passionately about women’s empowerment in all contexts. TEDx is a fantastic opportunity for sharing and being, and having space to talk.
I had previously been an audience member, but this year was delighted to have the time to take part in the background arrangements to make TEDx Whitehall Women happen.

Volunteering at TEDx Whitehall Women 2017 was a really amazing experience. It enabled me to put my experience and expertise into a completely different context.: The most challenging and interesting part was encouraging applications from speakers, being part of the selection panel and then supporting, encouraging and organising the three women who I had some responsibility for on the day. Selection was difficult – ensuring each presenter would give a unique session and yet fit the theme, and be different enough from the others. We had to make difficult choices.

Below are the women for whom I was the main TEDx contact prior to the event, together with their TEDx Talks

The day was one of lots of laughter, running around fixing stuff, being with an amazing group of people. It started with getting lost in St Katherine’s Dock at 6.30 am, finding a friendly commuter to point me in the right direction and finished with me to returning home without getting lost, but with a cut finger as evidence of my poor wine-glass-washing skills. It was great to be part of a unique event.

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Claire Eadington

Watch Claire’s TEDx Talk



Mari Takayanagi

Watch Maris’s TEDx Talk



Leyla Josephine

Watch Leyla’s TEDx Talk


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