Championing More Women on FTSE Boards and in Leadership.

 In General

Join us today with our guest Dr Ruth Sacks, Principal Consultant at Boardroom Focus, Director at GreenSpring Educational Trust and Chair of the Performance & General Purposes Committee.

. We will be discussing :

– Championing More Women on FTSE Boards and in Leadership. Women in the Boardroom, gender balance at the top, leadership development and diversity .

– The latest Hampton Alexander Report and The CMI Women’s Blueprint for Balance Report – What changes we see, positive or negative. the status and evolution of gender balance as a whole.

– Concrete advantages corporations have when they do bring more active, decision making women onto their boards. Whether the impact of having women on the board is different for smaller companies

– Recommendations for championing more women on to boards and into leadership roles. What companies and corporation can do to facilitate this, an how dynamic, ambitious women can help themselves stand out and be seen.

Listen to Ruth’s advice and tips on championing more women onto Boards and into leadership roles!

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